Finance and Insurance

Dollar Sign IslandRisk management and regulation. The growing use of online and mobile solutions. Changes in consumer spending and financial planning habits.

As the industry continues to rapidly change, The DRG strives to provide actionable insights and solutions for you in the financial services and insurance sectors, being mindful of the following factors:

Consumer Demographics and Lifestyles

  • More informed and knowledgeable consumers
  • Increasing use of online and mobile technology
  • Cautious spending habits


  • Financial reform (Dodd-Frank Act and Consumer Protection Act)
  • Regulatory pressures and compliance issues

Economic Conditions

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Changes in borrowing behavior
  • Shifts in credit card usage

Financial services companies can’t afford marketing research that misses the mark

Since the 2008-2009 recession, The DRG has completed about 100 research studies on behalf of banking, insurance, and other financial services clients. Whether needing to reach consumers, business decision-makers, insurance policy holders, brokers, or credit union managers, The DRG is committed to providing you with the market insights you need to make sound business decisions.

Examples of our work in the financial services industry include:

  • Driven by new financial regulations, a regional bank was interested in evaluating consumers’ perceptions of their product portfolio. The core objectives of the research were to understand overall appeal of new banking products and to evaluate current banking usage, behaviors and needs, as well as perceptions of competitors. The DRG conducted a series of focus groups among customers and prospects. The research findings gave our client insight into consumers’ ideal banking experience and a deeper understanding of why customers preferred certain banking products.
  • The DRG conducts ongoing transactional surveys on behalf of a firm providing insurance and other business products specifically designed for credit unions and their members. We conduct about 1,000 online and phone interviews per month among customers who have had a recent interaction with our client, such as a customer service call, insurance claim, or opening of a new account. The DRG also maintains a customized online red flag notification portal to provide our client with easy access to up-to-date information on customers who give low satisfaction scores or request to be contacted. Through this program, our client is able to monitor the quality of their customer service, and react to member issues and concerns in a timely manner.
  • The DRG partnered with a financial advisory firm to measure satisfaction and loyalty among their clients. We evaluated several areas of the customer experience including customer service, resources (communications, research, white papers), and learning programs. The research also elicited feedback from respondents about general life concerns (What kept them awake at night?). In addition to a comprehensive final report, The DRG met in-person with key client stakeholders to help them further understand the research findings and take action on the results. We also completed a follow-up survey with employees, so our client could tie the Voice of the Employee to the Voice of the Customer. Having gained a better understanding of their customers’ and employees’ backgrounds and needs, our client was able to enhance their consulting services.
  • A financial products company was preparing to re-launch their ATM network by growing the participation of financial institutions and pre-paid card issuers. In order to best prepare for the re-launch, The DRG designed a study to capture baseline metrics including awareness of the client’s and key competitors’ service offerings, attitudes toward the product offerings, and level of participation. Interviews were conducted with decision-makers at banks, credit unions, and issuers of prepaid cards. The final report offered a detailed competitive analysis, including insights around network participation and market growth strategies. Based on the findings from the research, our client developed a targeted marketing communications strategy to best influence decision-makers to participate in their network.