Healthcare and Health Insurance

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, The DRG understands the importance of having current and reliable information, particularly as the industry continues to undergo rapid change.

In recent years, The DRG’s healthcare clients have been greatly impacted by healthcare reform legislation.

  • Consumers now have expanded choices of coverage through health insurance exchanges.
  • Employers are working to be compliant with new requirements, and in addition, are coordinating with health plans to find the optimal plan and pricing options for their organization.
  • Health plans need to develop products to meet the growing demand for quality and value.
  • Providers need to adapt to new health care delivery models.

The DRG partners with you to implement research that helps you understand the changing environment and develop your strategies for moving into the future.

Healthcare Providers:
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Skip the learning curve and choose a research partner experienced in healthcare

In the past five years, The DRG has worked on over 500 research studies on behalf of health insurance and healthcare clients. This has become our industry of focus, as over 50% of our research is now in this vertical.

With healthcare clients ranging from one of the nation’s largest health benefits providers to local non-profit organizations, The DRG lives its mission of creating long-term partnerships with you, regardless of size.  We design each research study around your specific information needs and deliver the insights in a format that is actionable to you.

A few examples of our healthcare and health insurance work include:

  • Since 2005, The DRG has partnered with one of the nation’s largest health benefits providers on a comprehensive Voice of the Customer program. We collect over 75,000 interviews each year with consumers and employers so our client can monitor their performance and compare it to their competitors. The result of this program has been a better alignment with the market, as our client makes more informed decisions based on customers’ priorities.
  • Each year, we partner with a healthcare brand consultant to complete 35+ brand image studies for health systems throughout the U.S.  While the majority of this research involves interviewing consumers, we also complete a few studies each year with physicians to learn more about their perceptions of specialty hospitals and other issues.
  • The DRG conducted industry thought leader research on behalf of a health insurance client. We recruited a panel of professionals shaping healthcare trends, including government legislators, academicians, hospital strategists, and industry analysts. Each quarter, we reached out to these panel members to complete a survey or qualitative interview based on current industry hot topics. The research provided valuable information and talking points to our client’s executives and strategy teams as they made decisions in the healthcare reform environment.
  • We partnered with a regional health plan to complete a segmentation study of their employer market. Using our survey data, The DRG conducted a segmentation analysis that identified six unique segments. We also developed a profiling tool for our client to classify employers into the six segments. Our client leveraged the research findings in their development of new product designs and customized sales strategies.