Technical Services Manager

As a DRG Technical Services Manager, you carry expert level technical experience, are collaborative, have excellent attention to detail, are consistently security-minded, and always have customer service as a top priority.  You manage a small help desk team to ensure that sites and services are running smoothly and that we’re working smarter each day to be more secure, more efficient, and more reliable. You love new challenges and enjoy using your creativity to find the right technology solution for the endless opportunities you will face.  This is a challenging and rewarding position that offers a competitive compensation package, a supportive environment that is focused on teamwork and an opportunity to learn from a team of highly experienced technology and marketing research professionals who are dedicated to your growth.


  • Bachelor’s or Associates degree in IT, Business or closely related field.
  • Driver’s license and auto insurance.
  • Three (3) years of experience in maintaining systems, solutions and applications; experience in a highly regulated industry is a plus.
  • Three (3) years of project lead/ supervisory/managerial experience.
  • Level III support experience to research and deploy solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and solve challenges.
  • Advanced knowledge of the following technologies:
    • Virtualized servers and storage
    • Microsoft Windows server and client operating systems
    • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office
    • Firewall, Windows networking, and LAN network switch management
    • Powershell and other scripting for automation
    • Centralized antivirus management


  • Proven ability to lead projects or manage a technical team of 2 or more individuals in a business with over 50 endpoints, a strong Internet presence, and self-managed on-premise business solutions.
  • Demonstrable leadership skills in bringing forth solutions for continuous improvement through collaboration, research, and vendor negotiations.
  • Having a goal-oriented work ethic, leading teams to meet short term and annual personal and department goals.
  • Direct experience successfully managing IT systems and applications.
  • Proficiency in handling the most complex of technical concepts, latest application tools and technologies and strong application troubleshooting techniques.
  • Ability to effectively lead and influence teams and inspire others to achieve goals through innovation, quality and excellence.
  • Ability to match project tasks with opportunities for development so that employee potential is utilized to the maximum.
  • Proven track record of developing and providing outstanding customer service as an individual and as a team leader.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously.
  • Must have excellent time-management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks.
  • Effective problem solving skills fueled by resourcefulness, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning.
  • Must be able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong work ethic and personal practices that set an example for highly effective habits to ensure efficiency and quality.

Role expectations:

  • Research and procure cost-effective product and service solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders.
  • Budget and forecast for companywide technology expenses, including the daily management of asset inventory and software/hardware lifecycles for security and performance efficiency.
  • Lead the effort to recruit the right talent for the team based on the evolving demands in technology.
  • Plan and conduct frequent impromptu feedback and formal performance appraisals of department team, administer disciplinary action, raises, bonuses, and promotions when necessary.
  • Identify, recommend, and implement end user training programs to increase the support staff’s competency and self-sufficiency.
  • Monitor and improve first call resolution and escalation procedures, and be accessible to support and coach the team along the way.
  • Doing whatever it takes to optimize uptime and prevent downtime to sites, services, employees, and clients.
  • Facilitate and be available for business critical level III support, during and after business hours.
  • Develop proactive transparent approaches to delivering customer support, including but not limited to one-on-one training, companywide communication, and effective department procedural documentation.
  • Deploy, communicate, and monitor effectiveness of information security compliance and certification objectives.
  • Lead the on-going objective for employee information security awareness and assist with the drafting, communication, and enforcement of policies and procedures.
  • Collect and provide necessary information regarding incidents to senior management or Risk and Compliance Team.
  • Establish and enforce service levels by managing the technical services team to meet and exceed internal/external customer expectations.
  • Bring technical support to customers by collaborating with account managers, clients, and 3rd-parties on security assessments/audits, questions on technical capabilities; supporting customers/3rd parties with on-site visits, technical presentations, and training; offering instruction for the proper and optimized use of our products in applications; and developing tests and designing experiments to demonstrate product performance.
  • Assist with the drafting of content for marketing communication pieces (regulatory information, thought-leadership on trending technologies, etc.)

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

All interested candidates must apply online.