The DRG Timeline

The DRG is over 40 and loving it! To learn more about our family-owned, full-service market research company, explore The DRG Timeline to view key company events over the years.


R. Dieringer Research Associates is founded in August by Bob Dieringer, Sr. The company is based out of a single 12' by 8' room in an office building in Milwaukee, WI owned by Bob's father, which he pays $60/month for. (The DRG eventually grows to take over the entire building, until the company's move in 2007 to its current headquarters.)


R. Dieringer Research Associates, Inc. becomes a corporation. The first officers are Bob Dieringer and his wife, Wanda, who works as an Analyst and Project Manager. Bob's mother, Muriel, who also works for the company, becomes the Corporate Secretary. Bob and Wanda's three children (Larissa, Lanie and Robert) are also frequently seen around the office, helping to clean and empty waste baskets.


A Call Center at The DRG's Milwaukee headquarters is established. While previously the majority of phone interviews were completed from Interviewers' homes, interviewing is now transitioned to The DRG's offices. This allows for better supervision and communication as The DRG now works on more research studies involving interviews with senior-level business participants, primarily in the healthcare and medical equipment industries. The company also begins to experience an increasing demand for conducting phone surveys on behalf of clients in the utility and telecommunications sectors.


A focus group suite consisting of a discussion room and observation room is added to make R. Dieringer Research Associates, Inc. a true, full-service marketing research company.


Lorraine Wamai is hired as an Interviewer. Lorraine is The DRG's longest-tenured (non-Dieringer) employee, and she currently works as the company's Financial Services Coordinator/Corporate Secretary.


The company is renamed to be The Dieringer Research Group, Inc. This is still the company's official name today, though it is often abbreviated to be The DRG.


The second generation of Dieringers begins to officially work at The DRG with the hire of Lanie (Dieringer) Johnson. Starting in Data Services, Lanie eventually has positions in Project Management, Analytical Consulting Services, Research Operations, and Business Development.


Robert Dieringer, Jr. is hired as an Information/Financial Services Assistant. As with Lanie, Robert gains experience in a number of different departments at The DRG, including Data Services, Financial Services, Technical Services, and Business Development.


The DRG completes its first web survey, and the company's first online reporting applications are also launched later the same year. In the '80s and '90s, The DRG's surveys were primarily completed via phone or mail, but online research takes off in the 21st century. While phone and mail methodologies are still regularly used at The DRG, the majority of its interviews are now online.


Management of The DRG is transitioned to the second generation of Dieringers, with the promotion of Lanie Johnson to President and Chief Operating Officer and later Robert Dieringer, Jr. to Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. While Bob Dieringer, Sr. remains involved at the company and serves as Chairman, Lanie manages Business Development, Client Services and Operations while Robert oversees Finance, Human Resources, Technical Services, and Facility Management.


The DRG moves to its current headquarters in Brookfield, WI (suburb west of Milwaukee), doubling its square footage from the company's previous location in Milwaukee.


The company undergoes re-branding, introducing a new logo/tagline, coordinating with its new strategy statement: The DRG gathers information to create and launch market research insights that enable better business decisions.


The DRG moves forward with plans to design and build a focus group facility at its Brookfield location.


The DRG Focus Center is opened, a 4,000+ square foot facility located at the Brookfield headquarters, for conducting in-person focus groups, in-depth interviews, and central location tests. With The DRG's in-house Call Center, Mail Center and new Focus Center, the company is dedicated to providing the optimum full-service marketing research experience to clients.


With the untimely passing of Robert Dieringer, Jr. in December 2013, DRG employees continue to move forward, remembering Robert and his positive, "get it done" attitude.


The company undergoes a re-organization, with Shelley Ahrens and Ron Rawski in senior leadership positions, along with Lanie Johnson, who is promoted to Chief Executive Officer.


A new tagline is introduced: Turning Intelligence into Opportunity, communicating the essence of both the company’s brand and company culture. The DRG provides intelligence and meaningful insights with the goal of helping clients uncover growth opportunities for their business.


The DRG acquires Probe Research Services, another Wisconsin-based marketing research firm. The company is excited about the growth it brings, as well as the broadening of The DRG’s client base in healthcare and finance, among other industries.