Milwaukee: An Ideal Research Market

Genuine Milwaukee V3In addition to being a cost-effective market, Milwaukee offers a diverse population to give you the reliable feedback you need. In fact, the city’s tagline, Genuine American, even references the population’s ‘genuine’ nature. With the region’s population closely mirroring national demographics, Milwaukee is an ideal market to hold in-person focus groups and in-depth interviews with both consumer and business participants.

  • Age – The distribution of Milwaukee area residents is closely aligned with the U.S. population, with a median age in the mid-30’s and similar proportions of Millennials, Seniors, households with children, and other age groups.
  • Income – Milwaukee’s average household income is about $70,000, on par with the national average of $71,000.
  • Political Affiliation – Wisconsin has often been a battleground state, and the Milwaukee metro market is evenly divided between Democratic and Republican voters. Since 2004, 50-55% vote Democrat and 45-50% vote Republican.
  • Education – Milwaukee has one of the highest student per capita ratios of any U.S. city with over a dozen higher education institutions.  26% of Milwaukeeans are college graduates vs. 19% nationally.
  • Ethnicity – As shown in the chart below, the region’s ethnicity also is similar to the overall U.S. population.

Ethnicity Bar Chart