Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Bottle with a message for help in waterWhether they are an independent consultant or work at a large firm, agency-side marketing professionals work closely with their clients to help them build awareness and grow their business. Over the years, The DRG has established relationships with a variety of agencies offering advertising, communication, creative, public relations, social media, web design, and other marketing services. We provide market insights that help them:

  • Develop ideas and concepts for messaging, positioning, and branding
  • Test ads, concepts, or products prior to launch
  • Measure the success of marketing and advertising initiatives with pre/post tracking
  • Benchmark and track awareness and perceptions of a brand over time

The DRG understands that time is precious for you, and that meeting aggressive timing and budget requirements is key. We also know that having information presented in an easy-to-understand, actionable format is critical, so we tailor insights to your needs. For example, instead of a full report, we can provide an executive summary and then meet in-person to walk-through our findings and recommendations. Or we can prepare a co-branded report that can be shared directly with you. We also often attend meetings with our agency clients to provide the research perspective.

Develop Successful Marketing Strategies and Advertising Campaigns Leveraging The DRG’s Market Insights

The majority of The DRG’s work with agencies has involved brand or advertising-related topics; however, we have also provided market insights around customer experience, product development and testing, and website design.  We have partnered with agencies on research for a wide variety of brands and products, including air fresheners, cleaning products, food and beverages, and riding lawn tractors.

A few examples of our research partnerships with agencies include:

  • The DRG works with an advertising agency to complete an annual online consumer tracking survey regarding fuel station awareness and perceptions. Custom questions are incorporated each year to measure the awareness and impact of the fuel station client’s current advertising and brand messaging. The DRG completes over 3,000 annual interviews across 15 different states and then prepares a report highlighting changes over time, looking in-depth at specific market segments. The report includes perceptual maps showing how the end client’s brand compares to their key competitors.
  • On behalf of a global manufacturing company, The DRG partnered with a marketing communications firm to conduct an in-depth evaluation of perceptions of the company and their corresponding brands. The goal of the research was to articulate the client’s brand story and guide its positioning development. For this research, The DRG utilized a blend of online interviews, in-depth interviews, and in-person work sessions with executives and brand team members of the manufacturer. We also reviewed the data from three recent quantitative surveys conducted by the manufacturer to identify information that provided more depth to the brand story and positioning.
  • An advertising agency partnered with The DRG to complete online interviews on behalf of a maritime museum. The research measured awareness and perceptions of the museum among regional residents and also involved oversampling museum to gather feedback about their experience. After our report was delivered, the advertising agency worked with their museum client to develop PR and communication strategies and leverage the market insights in brochures and advertising to capture the public’s interest and attract more visitors. The research also provided information on how the museum could position their new science center to potential visitors.