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"The DRG is not my supplier; they are dear friends that I trust with my reputation and company. They put my needs before theirs - a rare quality in today's business environment."

Healthcare Client


"This is the best experience we've had with an outside survey firm."

Political Policy Organization Client


"We remain completely satisfied with the service and continue to be impressed by their level of attention and responsiveness to our study needs. I continue to recommend The DRG."

Energy Client


"The DRG has a knowledgeable team of experts that provide sound advice and guidance and assistance necessary to carry out some very important research."

Utility Client


“Our experience with The DRG continues to exceed expectations. Team members are friendly, responsive and timely, going the extra mile without being asked."

Utility Client


"The DRG is much more than a research supplier - they are truly consultative and help solve real business needs by delivering high-quality, actionable insights and tools."

Health Insurance Client


"The DRG listened to our objectives and designed a methodology to secure the brand awareness and preference information we needed to plan more targeted advertising messaging."

Healthcare Client


"The DRG's expert feedback helps to guide our efforts in the right direction to best benefit our business. We look forward to continued work with this trusted vendor.”

Utility Client


"We now feel more confident in the decisions we are making and can create actionable, realistic goals."

Public Museum Client


"The DRG's ability to understand our business and translate that into meaningful and insightful survey programs has positively impacted our ability to drive business decisions."

Health Insurance Client


"Working with The DRG was an absolute pleasure. The staff was professional, responsive, and very knowledgeable about my industry. When we encountered timing challenges, they...

Financial Services Client


"I was impressed with The DRG's thoughtfulness in adjusting the study direction after spending time to deeply understand the primary goals of the project."

Financial Services Client


"The DRG was extremely knowledgeable and provided data and recommendations which have helped us think through challenges and make better decisions."

Manufacturing Client


"The DRG has been a valuable and reliable partner for several years. They are always willing to help me meet tight timelines and challenging recruiting requirements."

Marketing and Advertising Client


"The DRG understands the big picture and end result needed…Their team has integrity and passion that shows in the fact that they deliver on their promise."

Marketing Agency Client


"Every employee at The DRG takes a vested interest in their customer. They truly want to capture the Voice of the Customer in the research and understand the best methodology to...

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Client


"While so many research companies are losing character, The DRG remains a family-owned business. Their familial atmosphere spills over to how they treat their clients."

Healthcare Client


"The DRG has been and will continue to be my preferred service for my data collection and research needs."

Manufacturing Association Client


"The DRG provided much more consultation than any other client and were there to support the project entirely; even after it was complete!"

Health Insurance Client


"The DRG is thorough, attentive, and reliable. We now feel more confident in the decisions we are making and can create actionable, realistic goals."

Non-Profit Client


"Our experience with The DRG continues to exceed expectations.  Their expert feedback helps to guide our efforts in the right direction to best benefit our business."

Energy Client


With nearly 45 years of marketing research experience, The DRG has a wealth of knowledge on best practices and current trends, including which are likely to be temporary fads and which are here for the long-term. We also consult on tactics and strategies for how best to leverage market insights to strengthen and grow a business.

In this section, we provide case studies and downloads providing information on how we design and implement marketing research tailored to meet your specific needs and business goals.

  • The DRG Blog – Shares tips on how to design and implement research, helping readers turn market intelligence into growth opportunities and get more value out of their research investment.
  • Be a Product Trailblazer: The Path to Brand Longevity – An eBook that helps you learn how strategic marketing research can help answer critical product development questions and guide your business decisions throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Are You Delivering On Your Brand Promise? – An eBook with tips on how to effectively monitor and refine your brand promise delivery. We discuss examples of how leading brands are living up to their promises and give case studies demonstrating the real-world benefits of effective brand promise delivery among your employees, customers, and prospects.
  • Launching Customer Experience Insights – An eBook that helps readers understand the entire insights/CX journey. The DRG provides 6 steps that encourage businesses to leverage customer feedback in their decisions, nurture a customer-centric culture, and drive success.
  • Case Studies – Provides examples of marketing research studies The DRG has completed, showing how we help you make better better decisions.