eBook: Are You Delivering on Your Brand Promise?

Nurturing an authentic and compelling brand promise takes diligence and commitment.  Employees need to understand and embrace it.  Marketing communications need to convey and reinforce it.  Most importantly, your customers need to experience and believe in your brand promise.

Marketing research can provide valuable intelligence for developing and cultivating your brand promise.  By evaluating the many ways a brand promise is brought to life, a company can identify ways to strengthen customer relationships and enhance their experiences.

In The DRG’s eBook, Are You Delivering on Your Brand Promise?, you’ll learn how to effectively monitor and refine your brand promise delivery.  Our eBook tells how leading brands are living up to their brand promises and gives you case study examples demonstrating the real-world benefits of evaluating brand promise delivery across the following critical audiences:

  • Employees – The ways they contribute to developing and demonstrating your brand promise
  • Customers – How effective brand promise delivery goes beyond customer satisfaction
  • Prospective Customers – The importance of communicating emotional benefits and giving consumers a reason to care about your brand

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