eBook: 6 Steps for Launching CX Insights

Companies today are looking to understand and improve the Customer Experience (CX), but many are not getting the most value from their efforts.  For some, they don’t know where to begin.  For others, they are drowning in data and are struggling to identify the key insights.  Other businesses have polished reports full of actionable insights, but little is being done with the information.

Businesses need to leverage customer feedback in their decisions and create a customer-centric culture. They need to LAUNCH insights into their organizations to drive success.

The DRG’s eBook, 6 Steps for Launching CX Insights, helps readers understand the entire insights/CX journey, including:

  • Communicating insights in a way that ensures they are easily digested and understood,
  • Nurturing a customer-centric culture by embedding insights in decision making, and
  • Motivating and engaging employees to support CX innovation

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