Patient Scheduling Experience Program

Is your clinic providing a positive first impression to new patients?

No one gets a second chance to make a first impression. When a patient calls to make an appointment, the interaction they have with clinic staff and the availability of convenient, timely access to care can impact which provider they ultimately choose.

That’s why it’s so important to evaluate the patient scheduling experience. By monitoring the demeanor of clinic staff, consistency of message communications, and the ease of scheduling an appointment, healthcare providers can identify ways to improve overall patient satisfaction.

But finding a way to conduct satisfaction research among patients soon after their first call to a clinic can be challenging and costly.

Here’s how The DRG Program works:
The DRG’s Patient Scheduling Experience Program gives healthcare providers the ability to continuously monitor the interaction their clinic staff has with patients seeking to schedule an appointment.

Trained DRG Interviewers place calls to participating clinics posing as prospective new patients asking for an appointment to see a healthcare professional.

During the call, the DRG Interviewer records key information about the interaction:

  • Availability of a timely appointment
  • Alternate options offered, if appointment is unavailable
  • Confirmation that approved clinic greeting was used
  • Overall demeanor and professionalism of the clinic staff

The DRG partners with clients to design a customized call script and reporting dashboard to capture the information that is most important and immediately actionable. Our clients benefit from using The DRG Patient Scheduling Experience Program in many key ways, including:

  • Identifying ways to improve the patient scheduling experience
  • Reducing wait time for routine appointments
  • Minimizing patients’ need to seek care with more costly providers (emergency rooms, urgent care, or retail-based care centers)
  • Increasing patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the healthcare provider/clinic to others

Contact us to learn more about how The DRG’s Patient Scheduling Experience Program can help your organization make a great first impression to patients!