Insights to Life: Taking Action, Implementing Change

Launching Insights


The DRG’s role does not end after the report is delivered. As a research partner, our objective is to enable you to take action on the insights, so you get the most value from your investment in marketing research. We offer consultation on how the research can help inform business decisions and work with you to set goals, educate employees, and implement change.

The DRG works to ensure you have a 360° view of the research insights and how they relate to developing and executing strategies. We recommend going through the following process to launch results:

Internalize 1. Internalize – Understand the results and put them into context for your organization. We also identify any areas that may require additional insights.
Socialize 2. Socialize – Communicate the results to all levels of your organization, from front-line customer service employees to senior executives.
Plan 3. Plan – Action planning to develop initiatives and strategies.
Execute 4. Execute – Identify the employee teams who will be responsible for implementation.
Measure 5. Measure and Review – Monitor market feedback to track progress and gauge improvement.

 Techniques Used to Launch Insights

As with each research study’s methodology and deliverables, The DRG also tailors the tools and techniques we use to launch insights based on your needs. For some of you, this step of the research process is done internally, so The DRG may simply meet with stakeholders to walk through the report and offer consultation as you develop and implement action plans.

However, many of you do not have the time and resources internally to bring the research insights to life. In these situations, The DRG will utilize one or more of the following:

  • Workshops and roundtables – In-person sessions held for select departments and/or to “deep dive” into a specific topic.
  • Presentations – Often customized presentations will be developed for different departments and strategy teams.
  • Goal-setting – The DRG consults to help set specific, achievable goals.
  • Snapshot stories – Short, 1-2 page stories to be shared with employees highlighting emerging opportunities and progress in meeting goals.
  • Online dashboards – Convenient access to key metrics so managers can easily track progress.
  • Customized online tools – For those of you that have tracking studies with The DRG, our Application Development team can program customized online tools. These include online reporting systems that provide easy access to current and historical survey data and research portals that offer a centralized location for sharing research insights and deliverables.